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What we do

CMRT offers a solution in shared maintenance in collaboration with the market leaders in radiation oncology. Based on a relationship of trust between client and companies, we develop an optimised workflow and healthy atmosphere in clinics and hospitals to satisfy and secure both patients and staff. Our on-site engineers provide a fast reaction time when machine faults occur and help to ensure a timely resolution. They can also support routine QA under the supervision of the medical physicists, providing more time to focus on the clinical aspects and development

Our Main Skills

Linac quality control according to the French reglementation

Corrective and preventive shared maintenance with the main manufacturers in radiotherapy

Patient and imaging quality control: IMRT/VMAT & IGRT

Help in material choice and in the installation strategy

Consulting and help in new installations, medical follow up (delineation, dosimetric evaluations etc...) and physics follow up (machine commissioning, quality control, dosimetric skills, etc...)

Training and set up of new techniques
(IGRT, IMRT, Stereotactic treatment, 4D etc.)

Quality strategy (procedures, protocols, audit etc.)

Quality control in radiology and in nuclear imaging field (PET, SPECT etc.)

Research and development

Our Experts

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Myriam Ayadi-Zahra

Expert in radiation therapy, stereotactic treatment, IGRT, 4D imaging and treatment, research and development.

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Xavier Kapola

Expert in quality control for radiotherapy, programming and network, preventive and corrective maintenance on the Elekta and Varian Linac (EOE2 certificate from Elekta Crawley).

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Nabil Zahra

CEO | Expert in radiation therapy, intensity modulation, stereotactic, 4D imaging and treatment, programming, research and development, Linac commissioning, consulting for the clinical setup and development of new techniques.

clients of CMRT

159 Boulevard Maréchal Juin

26000 Valence

Centre de radiothérapie
Marie Curie

The presence of CMRT team in our structure is an essential secure element for the clinic, the employees and the patients. The reactivity and presence on-site of their skilful engineer is highly appreciated and every trade benefit form it (Medical doctors, physicists, technologists, patients etc...). The added value is very rewarding at really short term. This collaboration is a real advantage for our clinic.

Dr. Sébastien CLIPPE, Co-Gérant
Imagerie Médicale et Radiothérapie Drôme Ardèche

Avenue Paul Langevin

59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq

Centre Oncovet
Radiothérapie Vétérinaire

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Control Maintenance RadioTherapy

Doctor Nabil Zahra
+33 6 77 87 12 64

Available Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm.
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